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Racket Stringing - Getting the right racket strings is a vital part of your armoury. Having the correct strings at the right tension will give you the customised level of power and control to suit your game. Choose strings based upon your requirement for power, control and longevity. For power, choose looser strings - which will also last longer. For a greater degree of control, go for tighter strings. Obviously there are a lot more variables involved and choosing the right racket stringing expert is essential. Badminton Sensei recommends Gefen Sports for your stringing and restringing needs. Gefen Sports has been a leading supplier of tennis, squash and badminton rackets, strings, stringing machines, stringing tools and accessories all over the world at competitive prices since 1978. Please mention Badminton Sensei when enquiring or buying from Gefen Sports. Discounts are available on many products and Gefen Sports will price match whenever possible. To visit Gefen Sports' website, please click here:

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