Finding the right badminton club

Finding the right badminton club for you can be tricky. Often a catch-22 situation can arise wherein you need to improve in order to join a decent club but can't improve without playing competitive games. It's important to find a badminton club with the right spectrum of abilities that will allow you to move upwards as you get better. To that end, a larger club will often give you more of a chance by having a wider range of standards. You may find that a club plays on more than one night too. Often, different levels of player will play on different nights. To ensure you are getting the right challenge, make sure you speak to the right person at the outset and don't leave it up to other players or chance. The club secretary or head of selectors can pair you up with the right players at the club and assess you during your games. Most clubs will allow you a few guest visits before making a decision or asking you to join.

For information on badminton clubs, please see the Links section of the website or visit the Badminton England club finder.

Badminton England also runs a program for beginners and those returning to badminton. The No Strings program is a drop in session for over 16s and runs at about 1000 venues nationally. For more information and to find a local session, see:

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