Parents - What's the good of Badminton? By Sue Rutson

I'm sure that you parents have found out that Badminton is not the cheapest of sports haven't you? Children can play football completely free of charge out on the green with a couple of mates can't they? Having coached the sport for over 20 years I thought I'd share a coaching point of view with you.

The costs of shuttles, coaching and hall hire is incredibly high, especially when there is a limit to how many players can get on one court and still have a quality practice! So what are you getting from your investment of sending your child to badminton sessions?

From my experience I have found that a badminton training session is sometimes the first time during the week where a child or young person feels they are seen in a positive light, where they are given feedback that builds their self-esteem, where they can be expected to push themselves past all their previous expectations and find they excel at something for once! I have seen children who develop not only badminton skills but build attitudes to discipline, effort and achievement that have a knock on effect outside of the sport. There are many children who find sport a real challenge but through the support of a club such as Phoenix, they are able to discover leadership and communication skills, and contribute to help and support others. They are given significance, and recognition for all their many strengths displayed throughout club activities.

There are many children who find school difficult, or may have personal issues and through the sporting experience of Badminton find ways to change old behaviour patterns and become extremely high achievers.

There has been extensive scientific research that concludes sport is good for the brain and long term memory. (Short term verbal memory is affected during and immediately after sport - so homework should be completed in a rested state). British Journal of Sports Medicine 41, 370-374. Retrieved November 13, 2008 from

With the monetary investment from parents and the benefits badminton has for the player it is important that attendance is regular and there is a commitment from both the player and the parent. Whatever attitude is shown to the sport, I can guarantee that this is the attitude that will appear in future employment and outside commitments. What attitudes are shown currently? What commitment is given now? Here is the training for the future.

Sue Rutson is a Badminton Coach and Owner at Inspiration Coaching

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