Avoid a thrashing: Six of the best reasons to have badminton coaching

1. An independent eye
When learning any sport or discipline, the benefit of an independent eye should not be underestimated. A coach will see your game from a different angle and be able to suggest changes that you may not have even considered.

2. Improve more quickly
A coach can identify areas to improve and explain the quickest way to go about it. You will swiftly improve in all areas of movement, skill and tactics.

3. Better fitness
A coach can not only help your game but assist with areas like diet and fitness. You will learn how to train safely as well as exercises appropriate for the sport, weight training, circuit training and psychology to name a few.

4. Fun
Coaching will open your eyes to new routines, different game styles and remove the frustration of not mastering the shots you want to play. You will be able to take what you have learnt to your club or into games with friends and, consequently, get more from every visit to the court.

5. Inexpensive
Coaching probably costs less than you think, especially if you have a couple of friends to split the cost with and, with an hour or two a week of coaching, you will come on in leaps and bounds.

6. The benefit of experience
Whatever your age or level, your coach may well have been through the same thing. You may need to know how to play a certain shot, prepare for a game or tournament or how to recover from an injury. The chances are your coach will know the answers.

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